About The Firm

Kuzas Neu is innovating both the business and the practice of law.  We understand that finding creative and eloquent solutions to complex problems is a must for our clients.

Our firm handles a wide array of sophisticated commercial transactions, including e-commerce and software transactions, Internet distribution of goods and services, advertising agreements, and content licensing.  We also represent clients in a wide variety of corporate matters, particularly the creation, structure and financing of early-stage companies. When we work with our clients to draft and negotiate contracts, we focus on advancing their business interests as well as the legal details.

We also provide counsel and advice focusing on technology law, intellectual property, licensing, Internet law, cyber law, business formation, Internet privacy and security, as well as general business counsel to clients in the technology and media sectors.  The partners in the firm blend hands on technology experience — as system builders, software/web developers, and business owners — with in-house counsel experience managing legal affairs for a leading technology company.  Since we bring a unique understanding of our clients’ products and services, we can advise on the best practices for their business.  Thus, clients depend on us to go beyond the traditional role of legal counsel and to help guide them on general business decisions and strategic planning.

We recognize that legal services should be performed in a manner that businesses and individuals can depend on and plan for, and our firm’s services and billing practices are designed accordingly.  Our practice is designed to add value to our clients’ businesses, not detract from their bottom line as many traditional firms do.  Because of our specialized knowledge and experience, we offer clients precision and efficiency that cannot be matched. 

In sum, Kuzas Neu is dedicated to its clients’ success.  We offer an understanding of today’s world and the complexities involved in internet and technology transactions rare for attorneys.  We speak your language (and some of us a few more).