Billing Practices

Because Our Firm has been designed from the ground up with businesses in mind, we offer our clients innovative approaches to the legal services. Our Firm offers various approaches to billing and payment to best meet your companies business needs, including Flat Rate Billing, Outside General Counsel Services, and the traditional models.

Our Firm believes that a business has to plan. Naturally that plan includes budgeting. With the traditional model, businesses cannot anticipate, plan or prepare for legal counsel because traditionally, they do not know the costs.

Our Firm endeavors to inform clients up front of the cost of a project or continuing representation. We work with businesses to fit into their budget adequate and complete representation that they can depend on and plan for. The better and more complete your business plan and budget, the more Our Firm can fill your needs.

Flat Rate billing is not just lawyer friendly, it is business friendly.

Our firm does not count the minutes we are on the phone. With flat rate billing, you will never receive a bill for an email or listening to a voice mail. Our lawyers do not rush off the phone so that two minutes equals six, or that an email costs you $50. We quote you a project or regular representation cost, and stick to our promises.