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Legal Representation for Internet and Technology Industries

Kuzas Neu introduces innovation and modern business practices to the field of law. In return, clients in all sectors of the technology and Internet industries receive experience, precision and efficiency from lawyers with an expertise in both business and technology. We go beyond the traditional role of legal counsel and advise clients on general business decisions, strategizing, and planning.

From the beginning we designed Kuzas Neu with the intent of increasing our clients’ bottom line. We accomplish this by synergizing our legal practice on core competencies around the industries we understand and who need our expertise.  This translates into efficiencies and incomparable legal representation for our clients because their attorneys actually understand the complexities of their business.

As an experienced system builder, software/web developer, and business owner, Jeffrey C. Neu, Esq. established the firm with the experience and background to not only fully understand your product, but advise on the best practices in product development from the moment of conception to delivery.

Our mission specifies serving the technology and Internet business community in their legal needs. Our business experience along with expertise in the specific needs of these two emerging business sectors engenders an unusual opportunity for receiving the best legal services by attorneys who comprehend our clients’ needs.

In keeping with sound business practices, we assist our clients by offering flat rate billing. This allows our clients the ability to budget for their legal expenses and know the costs upfront. It makes sense for us and it certainly makes good business sense to our clients.

At the end of the day, the firm dedicates its practice to your success. With Kuzas Neu find an understanding of today’s complex technological and on-line world, rare in attorneys. We speak your language, and a few more.

Mergers and Acquisitions

If you plan purchasing or selling a technology or Internet related concern, contact Kuzas Neu. We understand the constantly emerging technology field and we understand the specialized business needs of this market. Our firm adds value by combining our business experience with our technology and Internet expertise.

We represent clients buying and selling domain name portfolios, Internet based businesses and technology entities. We assist you through the contractual complexities involving negotiations and transfers of licenses, copyrights, patents, user data, and related agreements.

We offer you power in the legal realm through our comprehension of your business needs. You don’t spend time educating us on terms of the trade because we understand technology and the legal issues involved. Our time is spent negotiating on your behalf, ensuring you get the best deal for your business.

Privacy and Security

With the frequent theft of important financial data and identity fraud, recent legal requirements demand more security procedures. Kuzas Neu applies technical expertise and experience, combined with focused and specialized knowledge when consulting with our clients regarding issues of Internet information security and privacy.

We consult and perform audit reviews on important compliance issues such as:

  • Privacy and Data Security Compliance Advice
  • Data Security Breach Notification Laws
    • Internet Privacy laws
    • COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)
    • CAN-SPAM Act
    • Communications Decency Act

Information security and privacy compliance issues affect not only the users of your web site and software, but also the very existence of your business. Ensuring legal compliance saves money and just may save your business and its assets. Proactive information security and privacy protection includes periodic audits and reviews of adherence to policies and procedures by your Internet team. Menu Item: Technology – Compliance, Audits
Kuzas Neu serves clients in technology field, providing them a barrier against regulations and costly compliance requirements. That barrier exists in the form of embedded audit procedures which become an integral part of the development process versus an extra procedure.

As regulations come down, many businesses react by adding an additional process to the development cycle. This merely increases expenses and frustrates employees as the development cycle becomes elongated with each new regulation.

Let Kuzas Neu’s experience in business and technology development guide you through the audit and compliance complex web with streamlined methods for audit procedures and compliance assurance by assisting you in automating your processes, allowing the audit procedures to become a simple and natural by-product of product development.

We show you how your embedded, automated, and real-time audit trail actually leads to improved processes, lower costs and a better run business.

Corporate Governance

Good business practices involve a business structure with defined processes  and procedures. These processes and procedures define responsibilities, policies, accountabilities and avoid a bureaucratic breakdown that simply runs around in circles. Established policies and procedures, when followed, prevent future legal troubles.

Kuzas Neu assists clients in choosing the appropriate business structure for their operation. The right business entity involves understanding the way a business operates and the legal ramifications in the choices available. We review liability issues, taxation issues and ownership issues with our clients prior to selecting the appropriate entity.

Once you select the type of entity, J.C. Neu and Associates prepares the necessary paperwork and regulatory filings. We assist businesses in writing successful policies and procedures for governing their entity and defining areas of responsibility. We help you select appropriate areas of accountability, good accounting practices and provide advice on methods for proper checks and balances.

Through out your business operation, Kuzas Neu is available for consultation on corporate matters. As a member of your team we remind you of necessary meetings and filing dates. We can advise you in regulatory requirements for disclosures to other entities with which you work, possible ownership issues, and compliance issues.

Brief Intro

Our Firm is bringing inovative and modern business practices to the busines of law.

With offices in New York, central New Jersey, and Philadelphia, our Firm offers clients experience, precision, and efficiency that clients have come to expect in every industry they work with. Through experience and expertise in the technology sector, with a solid understanding of business practices, we provides services which businesses and individuals can depend on and plan for.

Our Firm was designed from the ground up to increase the bottom line for our clients. Focusing on areas of technology law, intellectual property, Internet law, cyber law, business formation, Internet privacy and security, as well as general business counsel, allows clients to receive specialized and expert counsel in areas of increasing complexity.

Our Firm handles matters from e-commerce and Internet transactions, to license and contract negotiations. We work with our clients to draft and negotiate contracts that advance their business interests, secure market share, and push their product into the public eye. We understand that finding creative and eloquent solutions to complex problems is not just the answer, but a must.

As lawyers with experience as system builders, software/web developers, and business owners, this firm has the experience and background to not only understand your product but advise on the best practices in developing your product from the moment of conception to delivery. We go beyond the traditional role of legal counsel and advise clients on general businesses decisions, strategizing, and planning.

At the end of the day, our Firm is dedicated to success. We offer an understanding of today’s world and the complexities involved in internet and technology transactions rare in an attorney. We speak your language, and a few more.