Remember the wise adage – an agreement isn’t an agreement unless it is in writing. All business professionals should use contracts for expressing their agreements in writing. A written declaration signed by both parties saves time and money when disputes arise.

Technology and Internet developers often get so caught in the exciting development that they forget the business end. Collaborators think of the project at hand rather than the ramifications when one or more of the collaborators walk away with the work and concepts conceived and developed by all.

Competitive businesses concerned with keeping prices down and profits high frequently use independent contractors and suppliers for meeting their technology needs. When working with outside contractors, vendors, and even employees, these businesses need protection for their assets, and creative rights. Businesses rarely know when their assets or intellectual property has been compromised by employees or outside contractors until it’s too late.

Confidentiality Agreements

Confidentiality agreements prevent collaborators, employees and contractors from marketing ideas belonging to others. Various types of confidentiality agreements exist, including non-disclosure, non-compete, and non-solicit agreements.

Non-disclosure Agreement

The non-disclosure agreement (NDA) prevents those working on the project from disclosing the concepts to outsiders. The right NDA depends on your specific situation, which our attorneys take the time and effort to understand.

Non-Compete Agreements

Because of the vast knowledge gained which working with an entity, key-employees or suppliers of certain services may need a non-complete agreement to prevent these people from taking your business knowledge to a new company; and thereby competing with your company with knowledge gained while working for you.

Non-Solicit Agreements

This type of agreement prevents those who gain access to your customer lists from then turning around and soliciting those customers for the benefit of another business.

The above list only a few possibilities available in confidentiality agreements. We determine the specific needs of your business through understanding your business and its processes; we then provide a suggestion of the types of contractual confidentiality agreements that best suit your specific environment.

We draft contracts and procedures so that businesses work comfortably, easily and safely with outsourcing and independent contractors. We ensure the product, for which you contracted and paid, is the product you receive and own. With our experience in outsourcing, contract drafting and negotiation, and technology, we produce the contractual documentation and procedures right for your business.