Developers provide an exceptional benefit to their clients when they provide not only functional and quality products to their clients, but even more when they are legally compliant.

Our firm has years of experience in the software and web development field as professionals, and knows how your product operates, and what laws it needs to comply with to ensure that your product is as good as it can be. Jeffrey C. Neu, Esq. co-founded a web and application development company as well as working with mobile content, telecommunications, hardware, networking infrastructure, and system builders.

We consult with developers to ensure that their products are the best and most well protected, so developers can ensure their clients are prepared no matter where they are or whatever industry they work in. We consult on required policies and procedures that websites must take in order to provide the best possible protection to your clients.

With the innovation of Web 2.0, and user generated content, websites and internet companies need to ensure their protected more now than ever.