Domain Names

Domain ownership is a valuable property right, but still an emerging area of law. Many owners of web sites only think they own their domain name registration. First, no one owns a domain; they merely own the registration and rights to renew. However, as Internet technology sprung leaps ahead, many companies hired web designers and web hosts, requesting that one of these entities also register their domain name. Either through a lack of forethought, a simple mistake or outright corruption, the domain name registration ended up in the name of the development or hosting firm. As the value of a domain name grows, so does the temptation for dishonesty. In addition if the hosting company or web developer goes out of business, getting access to the Domain Name for renewal becomes a very sticky problem.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) formed in 1998 as the technical coordination body for assigning domain names still plays catch up with the mounting emerging legal issues surrounding domain names and registrations. While ICANN dispute resolution services charge reasonable fees, the outcomes often are confusing and contradictive. Attorneys understanding this emerging area of the law and the property rights involved put clients ahead, both when attempting protection of their valuable assets and when necessary, litigating their ownership rights.

Kuzas Neu prevents domain name registration ownership issues by advising our clients before the situation happens. We strategize with our clients, offering methods for holding and protecting domain name registrations. We aggressively assist clients involved in mediation or arbitration over domain names or clients who are victims of cybersquatting.

Remember, when you hire Kuzas Neu, our billing fits your budget. We approach billing with your needs in mind. We quote by the project so our clients can plan for their legal expenses.