As the internet grows in size and complexity, more and more companies find themselves doing business on the internet. Today’s technology tools make it deceptively easy for businesses operating on the Internet. Unfortunately, many businesses, unaware of laws and regulations in regards to online transactions, risk their business assets unnecessarily.

Laws protecting consumers require that your business complies with best practices and aggressively protect against intrusions, exposure of adult content to minors, and preservation of data, along with special requirements for financial information and other private data.

Kuzas Neu advises clients on existing e-commerce laws, policies, procedures and all issues related to running a safe business over the internet. We draft sound business policies and work with web designers and programmers to ensure the utmost care in data protection, security of financial information and privacy. Trust J.C. Neu and Associates for establishing the legal framework so you can run your business on the Internet without legal and security headaches