Emerging Technology

Emerging technologies arrive on the scene almost weekly.  Just as Social Networks arrived and created an entirely new set of complexities for protecting privacy and children, so does each new technology. As more and more entities gather and store information, constantly seeking efficient marketing leads and customer behavior data, the security of that data rushes to the forefront of the law.
Identity theft and other technology related crimes rise in correlation to emerging technology growth, because the safeguards rarely take place before the technology.

Kuzas Neu show clients how to stay on top of the security and data evasion problems arising with emerging technologies. We take a proactive approach, demonstrating ways our clients can anticipate and prevent virtual crimes. While you develop your product, we advise you concerning possible pitfalls and security measures that increase the value of your product.

Kuzas Neu also assists clients in protecting their emerging technology inventions from concept, through development and eventually in the marketing and selling phases. We provide legal and business advice through each step of the development and marketing process.

Without the appropriate legal advice, emerging technology companies face unknown and daunting technology and financial risks. Not only are their products facing evolving legal standards, but without the appropriate protection, their inventions may be claimed by others. Adding attorneys to your team who understand technology and stand with you throughout development only makes good business sense.