General Counsel for Technology and Internet Businesses

We provide legal representation to businesses and non-profit organizations throughout New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. For each of these clients, we strive for legal services that enhance our clients’ structure and profitability.

Our legal work ensures that companies meet their legal obligations and compliance issues. Understanding our clients’ business methods and objectives facilitates in our attorneys providing better and more cost effective representation. Our Firm goes the extra mile ensuring that your business receives expert legal advice for solid and competent decisions. We consult beyond the legal realm and discuss business and marketing plans assuring our clients’ success.

Our flat rate fee structure enables businesses and clients alike to know ahead of time what our legal representation and advice costs. We designed our business and legal services from the ground up to help your business succeed.

Our legal and business services include:

· Preparation and review of contracts and other legal instruments.

· Intervention for the resolution of disputes or, if not resolved through intervention and negotiation, then aggressive legal representation and advocacy in mediation and arbitration.

· Preparation of documents to re-organize or modify the legal structure or capital structure of a business. For example, converting or merging a limited liability company into a corporation.

· Representation in the admission of new owners and purchase or sale of a business.

· Legal and business advice and document preparation for the granting of ownership interests to key employees.

· Legal and business advice concerning compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations applicable to the client’s business operations.

· Advice, counsel and advocacy concerning almost any other legal issue arising in the course of business operations