Internet Legal Representation

The Internet brought new applications of law. Much of the law applying to the Internet and other new technology brings new complexity to existing areas of law. Contractual agreements, methods of communication, sharing of material and ideas now demand special legal considerations because of the rapid changing standards. The law slowly embraces the Internet, handling such questions as ownership of user generated content, domain name disputes, jurisdiction and sharing of ideas and concepts.

Kuzas Neu advises Internet based clients, ensuring sound business practices in areas yet undefined by the law; while helping these clients maintain their identity, protect their assets, securely control data, and increasing their market share.

Our Internet law practice includes such areas as:

Compliance, Audits

As business proliferate the Internet, few fully comprehend the pitfalls awaiting them.  Copyright infringements, poorly written or no terms of use (TOS) agreements, domain name issues and insecure data all threaten owners of Internet businesses.  Kuzas Neu offer our legal services for ensuring your web site business complies with sound business principles and regulations.

Domain Law

We represent individuals and entities in domain name disputes, cybersquatting, domain name hijacking and related areas of domain law.


Owners of E-commerce web sites bear special risks and need expert legal advice from attorneys who understand and know how to minimize these risks.

Privacy and Security

Too frequently we hear stories in the media of thousands and millions of people’s private data being exposed to unscrupulous people by databases of information left exposed.