IP and Content Licensing

Licensing encompasses the limited use of your product or services under specified conditions. Whether you develop technology, software or produce valuable content, the appropriate license agreement specifies the conditions under which others may use your product and for how long. Licensing protects your exclusive rights in the product being licensed and may include prohibitions such as reverse-engineering, use in situations that might defame you or your product, and including your product in a new product. You may need a perpetual license or one time licensing.

Types of Licensing

Our attorneys draft and negotiate Internet, software and content licenses, policies and distribution agreements covering both original software program or content and content generated by users. We assist our clients in drafting and negotiating contracts that advance their business interests, secure market share, and push their product into the public eye. We believe finding creative and eloquent solutions to complex problems is not just an answer, but a must.

Our Licensing services include:

  • Licenses of patents and other intellectual property
  • Joint venture and technology transfer agreements
  • Software license agreements (both inbound and outbound)
  • OEM, VAR, ASP, distributor and sales representative agreements
  • Domestic and international development agreements
  • Manufacturing and supply agreements
  • Participation in standards setting organizations.