The law offers protections for developers of software, recognizing both intellectual property rights and rights granted by licenses. Intellectual property rights provide a mine field for developers due to patents and copyrights granted by laws enacted years ago. These laws didn’t envision all the legal ramifications involved with digital rights when granting early patents and copyrights on digital processes which differ greatly from manufacturing and other creative processes.

Software developers find themselves constantly negotiating these mine fields and occasionally find themselves entrapped in unforeseen consequences.

Our experience in the technology field and our attorneys’ expertise in contract law, equip us to draft and negotiate contracts that protect our clients’ interests. As software becomes more complex, so do the contractual agreements covering the licensing and terms of use. End User License Agreements increasingly come under attack, from piracy to terms ruled unconscionable and unenforceable.

Kuzas Neu leads developers around pitfalls and complications involved in deciphering digital rights. We willingly join your team from conception all the way through marketing and selling, guiding you with both legal and business advice that makes the development process easier and more efficient.

Our billing practices also make the difference. Kuzas Neu offers flat rate billing. Rather than billing you by hourly segments, we quote a price for our representation. You know up front the cost of our representation.