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EU Data Privacy

According to a January 21st, 2008 statement by Sjoera Nas an EU official, the guidelines are required by any search engine whose services are used by EU citizens.  The only search engines not required to follow the directive, are those which use exclusively non-EU languages, such as Japanese, Chinese, etc.  Spanish, French, German, and English would all fall under the directive of the law.

EMail and IP unprotected by 4th

On January 7th, the court stated that E-mail addresses and IP addresses remain unprotected as a Fourth Amendment matter, even in instances when the address (the e-mail  address or the IP address) might "strongly indicate the contents of the communication."  This preserves the courts opinion in regards to the distinciton between IP addresses and URLs.  Maybe you should make it so the URL is yoru email addy?  That would be interesting.