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A fresh view of UGC

I highly recommend watching the video for a very enlightening interpretation and the requirements for Copyright Law.  It talk alot about speech, copyright violations, use, and ownership.  He frames the issue very much as in the artists control.  That artists are the ones that are required to license their music or their creations for public consumption and use.  You can find the video here.

EU Data Privacy

According to a January 21st, 2008 statement by Sjoera Nas an EU official, the guidelines are required by any search engine whose services are used by EU citizens.  The only search engines not required to follow the directive, are those which use exclusively non-EU languages, such as Japanese, Chinese, etc.  Spanish, French, German, and English would all fall under the directive of the law.

Amazon loses some protection in 1-Click patent

Peter Calveley filed a request for ex parte examination of the patent on February 16, 2006. Through raising funds on his blog, Mr. Calveley raised the required $2520 in filing fees for the reexamination.

On October 9, 2007, the USPTO issued their notice, rejecting claims 1-5 and claims 11-26 of the initial patent filed by Amazon, citing prior art. The 17 page document cites prior art examples, except in instances where a shopping cart model is required, as in Claim 6.