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Become an Intellectual Property Donor

As it stands, if you should die, all your intellectual property is in a state of limbo for 75 years. So no one can use or improve upon that Visual Basic application you’ve been working on, benefit from your essays or record your sheet music.

When a work is in the “public domain”, it is not owned or controlled by anyone. It frees any potential user of your work from having to gain the rights to use it, for any purpose. It can be thought of as the opposite of copyright.

First Web Dating Site Law…in NJ?

The new law requires online dating services to disclose prominently on their sign-up pages whether they conduct criminal history background screenings on their members.

The disclosure can be made either through email, via a "click-through" agreement, or something similar requiring New Jersey residents to acknowledge receipt of notification, on the user profile, on the Internet dating service home page, or on the web page a New Jersey resident would use to register.