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Illegal Content still viewable? Wikileaks persists!

It’s been a week since District Judge Jeffrey White ordered the shutting down of Wikileaks, a whistle-blower wiki dedicated to releasing confidential information that exposes unethical behavior. The website is, admittedly, domainless (Wikileaks.org has been wiped from the DNS) but quite viewable – if difficult to find in its current incarnation (

Wikileaks domain, wikileaks.org, was hosted by a California based company (Dynadot, Inc.) and was removed quite quickly. It is quite unlikely Wikileaks will disappear anytime soon however, as it is hosted by prq Inet, a Swedish-based company dedicated to hosting the unhostable (read: illegal) and whose client-list boasts the likes of Piratebay and Seedler, torrent websites consistently used for the pirating of copy written material.

Judge Jeffrey White discovered first hand the effects of what has become known as the “Streisand effect”, that is, attempting to silence a source and succeeding only in drawing more attention and publicity to it.