Technology Legal Representation

With the extreme complexities involved in the vastly expanding field of technology, the law slowly addresses potential areas of risk to both consumer and developer. Regulations and compliance issues catch developers and software users unaware and exposed. Kuzas Neu relieves our clients of these issues by being their eyes and ears in the world of technology.

We serve the technology industry, delivering expert legal services in the following areas:

Compliance, Audits

Businesses using software must comply with licensing requirements. We develop policies and procedures allowing businesses to ensure their employees comply with licensing agreements.

Emerging Technologies

New technologies provide the developers of these technologies additional challenges as the current state of the law and regulations do not address the complexities involved with these emerging technologies. Kuzas Neu utilizes our technology expertise and education in advising clients in this arena.

Gaming & Virtual Worlds

Gaming and virtual worlds emergence into the main stream presents new legal complexities, raising questions regarding virtual property rights, introduction of criminal elements, tax issues and legal issues surrounding participation. Developers creating software for and owners of these virtual worlds benefit from our technology knowledge and experience.

Global Outsourcing

Scales of economy dictate that competitive businesses eventually outsource all or part of their technology development activities. Our legal services include assisting businesses in developing contractual policies and procedures that ensure our clients’ protection when outsourcing work.

Green Technologies

Environmentally conscious businesses concerned with providing earth friendly  products and services and reducing their carbon footprint impact appreciate Kuzas Neu’s commitment to and experience with green technologies.


Software law institutes protections and responsibilities for those developing and licensing software. If you develop or license software, add Kuzas Neu to your team for expert legal advice in the realm of licensing and protecting your valuable assets.