Transactions and thoughtful contracts provide for suppliers of goods and services furnishing materials and /or services for a specific period of time at a specified cost. This enables budgeting while developing products for market. Transactional agreements may also provide for other contractual terms for the suppliers of services or products. An example of an additional contractual agreement might be a Data Protection agreement.

Data Protection

When working with contractors, we suggest specifying contractually how your data and information, which the contractor may have, be stored and protected. Protection needed might include both from environmental elements and from prying eyes.

Kuzas Neu, when involved from the ground floor of your business, documents and protects our client’s contributions and confidentiality rights. Our understanding of the technology and Internet fields coupled with our expertise in drafting contractual agreements makes the process easy for our clients. We suggest the types of agreements necessary for your specific situation and assist in negotiations when necessary.

Our billing practices also offer businesses an additional advantage. Unlike most law firms, we provide flat fees for many of our business and legal services. You know up front the cost of our legal representation and don’t have to worry about phone calls and email charges